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Bonnie Plants plant food hose-end sprayer

What if the life-supporting power of a seed could be put into a bottle? The inventor of Bonnie’s fertilizer found a way to do just that, coming up with a unique, patented formula that has helped us produce lush, well-rooted plants in our greenhouses. Happily, the formula is available to you, too, in Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower 8-4-4 Plant Food.

Why a Seed?
Mother Nature put into a seed all that is needed to propagate the next generation. Our plant food simply found these nutrients, extracted them, and placed the “secret” in a bottle.

How to Use Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food
Just mix one tablespoon with one gallon of water and pour it from a watering can, or use our new hose-end sprayer over your entire garden. One 32-ounce jug contains 64 tablespoons. Follow the directions on the label:

Garden/Patio: Apply every 7-10 days, mix 1 tablespoon with 1 gallon of water, soak soil.
Indoors: Apply every two weeks, mix 1 teaspoon with 1 quart of water, soak soil.
Non-Bonnie Hose-End Sprayers: Apply every 7-10 days. Fill reservoir with Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food. Set dial for 1 tablespoon (3 tsps) per gallon, soak soil.

Bonnie plant food is tested and approved.

Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food has been tested and approved by the National Home Gardening Club.

The Benefits

  • Quick results.
  • Supplies eight beneficial organic compounds that enhance overall plant growth.
  • Low in salts, and will not burn plants.
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed.
  • Convenient new hose-end sprayer on our Little Green Jug.

Why It’s Different
Compared to traditional chemical fertilizers, we see a superior response in the vigor of our plants when using this unique formula containing oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition. Oilseed extract is known to contain nutritional and organic compounds that include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, enzymes, natural wetting agents, plant hormones, and carbohydrates. All are vital to plant growth.

In particular, Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food contains enzymes and other active compounds that have been shown to improve plant growth in a variety of ways, including:
– stronger roots, stems, and leaves
– increased ability to handle temperature stress
– a higher yield at harvest time
What’s more, strong, healthy plants are more disease- and insect-resistant.

Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food jug with hose-end sprayer

Try Our New Hose-End Sprayer!
For truly economical and efficient garden coverage, try our new hose-end sprayer bottle. A single bottle covers up to a whopping 14,000 square feet with a gentle, uniform spray that siphons the plant food at the same rate from the beginning of the bottle all the way through to the end. What’s more, the sprayer can be reused with any of Bonnie’s Yellow Cap Little Green Jugs.

Our new hose-end sprayer is easy to use, too. Here’s all you have to do:
1. Attach the feeder to the hose and turn on the water.
2. Press down on the tab located below the on/off dial.
3. Turn the dial to the “on” position.

For more information about Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant Food, download our “Using Plant Food” PDF.

We invite you to try it and judge for yourself!

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  1. I purchased your fertilizer in bottle from homedepot. I notice that it is 8-4-4. Is it the right one to apply to tomato? My impression is that I should either use a balance fertilizer or high in PK fertilizer for tomato. Please advise.

    • Hi Johnny,
      Great question. Bonnie Plants and many gardeners have had great success using the Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food. It is a good fertilizer to use in absence of a soil test. If you want specific fertilizer recommendations, having your soil tested is the only way to know what nutrients are needed in the soil. There are a lot of liquid fertilizers out there, using the label directions, supply the needed nutrients to your plants. – danielle, Bonnie Plants

  2. I just wanted to say Bonnie Herb and Veggie Fertilizer is the best fertilizer I’ve ever found. I put it on my pepper plants and a couple of days later they have loads more fruit. Everything loves it – my genovese basil grows to ailien proportions each year and I know it’s because of your fertilizer. I also feel more comfortable using it because I’m not as worried about over feeding like with a more chemical based product. I can’t say enough good things, thanks for making such a great product.

    • Hi CJ,
      Fertilizing once a week is great for your corn. Did you amend the soil with an additional fertilizer? Corn is a grass and is a heavy nitrogen feeder. See details on fertilizing here! – danielle, Bonnie Plants

  3. I asked where to find a hose end sprayer and Danielle said in the garden dept. I went to a big box store and the only thing they have are the ones for Miracle Grow. I can not seem to find a dial sprayer. More information please. My garden is rather large and I need to have a faster method than mixing and pouring from watering can. Anyone help?

    • Hello CJ,
      I am sorry you have not found one. I did happen upon one in my own garden department a few weeks ago. If you have the MG sprayer now, I am sure it can be used. Just look on the box to find out how much it sprays (it will say). Some use so many gallons in so many minutes. Add the correct amount of fertilizer to the gallons that will be used and time the spray. – danielle, Bonnie Plants

  4. I live in south ar I just planted my Bradley’s today how long will it be till my fruit comes off ?

  5. I cannot seem to find a catalog or a number to order the plant food. Can you send me one? Thank You,

    • Hi Loyd,
      I edited out your address. The Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food is only sold through retailers. You can find Bonnie Plants retailers near you using the Find Our Plants site. Just enter your zip code to find the stores closest to you – just ask if they carry it or if they can get it for you. . – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  6. Will bonnie herb & vegetable hurt my other plant’s in my yard like flowers tree’s shrubs is it good for thim.. can I use it on my Apple tree’s

    • Hi James,
      It will not hurt any of the plants in your lawn and garden. You can use it on your fruit trees, but you may want to think about a soil test for your orchard in case you need to adjust your pH or get exact nutrient requirements. -danielle, Bonnie Plants

  7. We are new to veggie gardening. We’ve planted a tomatoes, onions, spinach & lettuce, eggplants, bush beans & carrots in a raised bed. We’ve been feeding with Bonnie Plant Food every week since planting. Things are looking pretty good so far!

    Question: do we continue to use the plant food throughout the life of the plants, or is there a time to stop feeding?


    • Hi Debbie,
      Bonnie Plants Herb and Vegetable Food is meant to be applied every 7 – 10 days for heavy feeders. You can find a list of heavy, moderate, and light feeders here. Light feeders often do not need additional fertilizer on compost amended soils and starter fertilizer. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  8. What type of a sprayer can I use to apply Bonnie liquid plant food? Mixing by gallon and pouring it on is very time consuming. Thanks

    • Hello CJ,
      You can find hose end sprayers in garden departments where vegetable plants are sold. You will see various sprayers, pick one with a dial – they should have a couple. Set the dial to 1TBSP per gallon and wet the soil thoroughly. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  9. I have veggie, herb and flower seedlings all growing in the same pots from last years plants…(I let mother nature give me many of my seedlings.) I usually let them get much bigger before disturbing them and transplanting them, so I must water petunia, cilantro, marigold and beans together. Following the 1 tbsp per gallon mix, is this ok for flowers as well as veggies and herbs? I appreciate your response. This product was highly recommended by our Agway garden specialist!

    • Hello Anni,
      Absolutely!! Glad to hear it came recommended. -danielle, Bonnie Plants

  10. Hello!
    I just purchased a few herb plants and the plant food today. I’m crossing my fingers the food and mature plants will help them thrive through the harsh Florida Keys weather. Last year my seeds (watered with tap water only) only made it to about an inch and died :-(

    My question is: (outdoors) I should soak once a week. But if the soil becomes dry during the rest of the week, can we wet soil with plain water?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erica,
      Your veggie plants will need at least an inch of water per week once they are established – more in the extreme heat (and on sandy soils that do not hold water). Bonnie Plants has a great library on watering your vegetable plants. Plant to water them a few times per week in the absence of rain. Mulching your veggies well also helps mediate the soil temperatures and keep the moisture in the soil. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  11. I’ve used your product twice in the last 2 weeks and I am happy with the results! A quick question though. I’ve been using a 1 gallon of the mixed solution spread over 9 different plants. How much should I used per plant? FYI, the Bonnie Plants have been in the ground a little more than a month after I purchased them from the local hardware store.

    • Hello Bryce,
      Great to hear! Water the plants with the mixture as you would if you were just watering….saturate the soil around the plants. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  12. Is Bonnie Herb & Vegtebale Plant Food safe for a large well established strawberry patch?

    • Hello Tanner,
      Yes, it is extremely safe to use on a strawberry patch. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  13. I used this on all my patio vegetables last year and they seemed to love it. My Lowes no longer carries it though and I cannot find an online retailer that offers it. Can anyone point me to where I might find this product in Austin, TX?


    • Hi Zander,
      Try this plant finder to find other Bonnie Plants retailers in your area. All you have to do is type in your zip code! – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

      • Thanks Danielle,

        I have not had any problem finding Bonnie plants. I have just noticed that none of the stores around me sell the Herb and Vegetable food anymore. I guess I will look for an alternative. Thanks though!

  14. I have been using Bonnie Herb and Plant food with success, but I went to make a batch and some solids have formed in the solution that do not dissolve when I add water – what has happened? It is still safe to use on my plants?

    • Hi Laura,
      Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Food has has a shelf life of about 5 years. Shake the bottle up well before mixing with water to mix anything that may have separated.
      -Danielle, Bonnie Plants

    • Hi Sara,
      You can use the plant finder to find a store that carries Bonnie Plants (and Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food) in your area. Just plug in your zip code. Prices will vary slightly across regions. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  15. Is there a good time of day to apply this? And one more, is it too powerfull for Peas and Beans since they fix their own nitrogen?

    • Hi Casey,
      Watering your vegetables in the morning is a good idea. Use Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Food when you water. It is not too strong to give your peas and beans some starter fertilizer. You may find as the season progresses that legumes do not need as much fertilizer (frequency) as some of the heavy feeders.
      -Danielle, Bonnie Plants

  16. Do you recommend pulling the suckers off of a tomato plant and does this really increase yield?

    • Hi Greg,
      That’s a matter of personal preference. We don’t really recommend making cuts on your growing tomato plants, as the open cuts/wounds may open it up to disease. We do recommend pruning off the lower braches to prevent soil splashing on the leaves nearest ground level (as a disease preventative). Many gardeners have all sorts of theories on how to get the biggest, fastest, largest yield and best flavor from their tomato plants, so experiment with what works for you. Hope that helps. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

  17. I have been using your plant food for my tomato bushes. They are doing great. However, I am using a gallon jug and just realized per your instruction that I should only use every 7 days and I have been using it twice a week. The one bush has over 20 tomatoes. Will this harm the crop with too much fertilizer or can we still eat them?

    • Hi Pam. So glad to hear your tomatoes are doing well. Yes, that plant food is wonderful to use! You can eat the tomatoes; not to worry. The side effect of over-fertilizing is that your plant may put on a lot of healthy green foliage and not put as much energy into blooming and fruiting. You don’t want to overdo it, as blooming and fruiting is what you want in tomatoes. For crops like cabbage, kale, lettuces and such, more frequent fertilizing is a good thing, as you eat the foliage. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

    • Hi Jenny,
      We are no-GMO. There is a difference between organic and GMO. You can use heirloom plants, hybrid plants and natural fertilizers in your garden with natural and sustainable practices. You may enjoy reading an article on our Greener Growing practices and another on Hybrid vs Heirloom (and what is GMO?). Thanks for writing! ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

    • Hi Steve,
      Our plant food is not certified organic, but is from a natural origin of seed. The seed extract is the basis for our formula. Within this article, click on the Material Data Sheet link provided to download any details you might want to know. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

    • Hi Ophelia,
      Currently, no. We sell through retailers and the availability varies by store. It is worth the search, though, if you are having trouble. This link takes you to a ZIP store locator and call to confirm it’s in inventory before driving to the store, perhaps. Or, tell your garden center manager that you are seeking our plant food. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

      • Hi, I’m going to be using your liquid fertilizer this year and i have a question. I built a planter box that’s roughly sixteen inches deep,twenty four inches wide,and sixty inches long. I”m only going to have two “Bush Goliath” tomato plants in it.The way i will be watering them is,i have placed a pipe in between the two plants that runs the depth of the box.I sealed one end of the pipe up,and drilled small “seep” holes close to the bottom,so to keep the water and fertilizer close to the root system. Being that i wont be “soaking the soil” as per your application method,i was wondering if this will be to much for my plants,being so close to the roots? Thanks

        • Hi Keith,
          Properly diluted per the label’s instructions, this will be a fine method of watering your containers. Enjoy your Bush Goliath! ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

    • Hi Ophelia,
      Currently, no. We sell through retailers and the availability varies by store. It is worth the search, though, if you are having trouble. This link takes you to a ZIP store locator and call to confirm it’s in inventory before driving to the store, perhaps. Or, tell your garden center manager that you are seeking our plant food. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

  18. Can Bonnie herb and plant food be used for seedlings? If so how much do you use and when in the seedling cyle?

    • Hi Mary,
      Our Plant Food is a very gentle and helpful fertilizer when diluted properly and used at the right frequency. As you can see in this article, we give details on using for various plants and sizes except seed. Consult this Extension document for more information about growing your own. You’ll want to dilute it another 50% for very young seedlings as too much of any fertilizer–natural or organic–can do damage. Every two weeks is a good rule of thumb. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

  19. YOU SHOULD JUST THROW TO LAND WHERE THE PLANT, or you may spray the whole plant, leaves and branches.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for writing. This fertilizer has not been through the procedures required to list it as “organic.” It is made from the natural extract of seed. You may also be interested in more information about green practices we take in the “Greener Grower” article, and be sure to look for our exclusive biodegradable pots. Happy gardening, Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

  20. I live in south carolina. I sold on Bonnnie Plants. I just finish my last Harvest of Squash, I have a cherry tomato plant still producing and My Collards are Gorgeous. However I cannot find Bonnie Plant food and fertlizer
    Where o’ where can I find your fertilizer

    • Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for the compliments! We are glad to hear you have great experiences with our plants. You will also love our Vegetable & Herb Plant Food. Use the “Find Our Stores” locator to see which stores in your area provide Bonnie products. Varieties and stock do vary from store to store, so perhaps call the garden center manager before driving there to ensure they carry the fertilizer.
      Happy gardening, Mary Beth – Bonnie Plants

  21. I used this Liquid plant food last year on my patio tomato plants. They were huge and grew so fast I couldn’t believe it.
    Everyone in the condo came to get tomatoes and see the plants. This year I couoldn’t find cherry tomato plants but bought patio and Beef tomatoes. And my liquid plant food. Can’t wait to get started again.

  22. If you feed/water your plants or garden in the morning, this will give them plenty of time for leaves to dry before night fall and help minimize any possible problems.

  23. 1)What happen if you apply to herb and vegeable every day? It’s this good?
    2)If we apply one very two week ( indoor) and every week ( outdoor), then the other days, we just appply water??
    3)What I am doing right now, is to mix one tea spoon of this product with 1 gallon of water and apply everyday for my vegeable and mint. I plant them in the pot using 2x growth micro pot mixed. I only put three inches of them and when the root grow, I have aonther container at the bottom, with mixed water ( full) and the root just sucking up the water everyday. I refill the mixed water same as I mixed above when they get below the root. By doing this way, they grow very fast and green. Is this the good way to growth it?

    • Hi Tony,
      That is a very high dosage of plant food. Anything in excess will cause distress to the plant, just as too little water or food does. If you over-fertilize, you can burn the roots, though that is not likely with our diluted liquid food. However, you can also cause the plant to excessively grow foliage and gain height/size, yet it will not successfully bloom and fruit well. You’ll have a gorgeous, dark green, large plant but with little fruit and flavor. Follow the instructions on the label, measuring one tablespoon per gallon of water and application every 10 days or less. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

    • Tony, I think this is an excellent way to grow your Herbs! just make sure your roots don’t get too hot. Don’t let the water in the tray become stagnant. I grew lettuce this way and put an airstone in the bottom water reservoir. They grow like wildfire! Jenn

  24. Hi! The directions for Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food say specifically to soak the soil. My vegetables are well mulched. Is it harmful to foliar spray? If it’s O.K., any precautions? Thanks!

    • Hi Barry,

      Yes, our plant food is safe and effective as a foliar spray as well. The recommendation for soil application comes from the idea that wetting leaves can lead to some disease problems, particularly on tomatoes, but you should be fine. Happy growing!

      Kelly, Bonnie Plants

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