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Take Advantage of the Cooler Weather and Grow a Fall Garden

In warmer parts of the country, broccoli, kale, collards, spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, and a number of wonderful herbs (like rosemary and cilantro) grow just as well in fall as they do in spring. Besides keeping fresh produce on the table beyond the summer months, there are other benefits to gardening in the fall: fewer insects and diseases to battle, less watering to be done, and less sweat to contend with.

What types of plants do you want to grow?

Woman tending her garden.

Plant These Herbs in Fall

Set out an assortment of cool weather-loving herbs and you’ll be rewarded with fresh flavors for your fall meals.

Woman holding a fresh harvest from her garden.

These Vegetables Take a Chill

Some vegetables prefer a little nip in the air, and even taste better after a frost. Find out which ones.

Grow lettuce under a cold frame in winter.

How to Make Fall Gardens a Success

Take advantage of cooler weather to grow a spring garden in the fall.

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Ideas for Growing an Amazing Garden

Learn from our best articles about Fall gardening and become an expert!

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Which Veggies for Which Season?

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Plant These Herbs in Fall

Fall is a prime time for planting the hardiest herbs that actually grow very well in areas with mild winters....

Harvest Guide for Cool Weather Vegetables

Harvest your cool weather vegetables at the peak of perfection using these guidelines. Broccoli When you see a head beginning...

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