2018 Marked a Major Milestone for Bonnie Plants: Our 100th anniversary!

Bonnie Plants: A Century of Growth

Bonnie has certainly grown since its humble beginnings as two folks selling cabbage plants out of the back of a buggy, but one thing hasn’t changed: Our commitment to providing top-quality veggies and herbs to as many home gardeners as possible. Watch this short video to hear all about Bonnie’s history and secrets to success from some of the folks who know the company best.

You can read more about Our Story here.

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Guarantee the freshest, most flavorful garden-to-kitchen meals by starting with high-quality Bonnie Plants. Plant them in specially blended Miracle-Gro® soils, and nourish them with Miracle-Gro® plant foods. You’ll enjoy a bountiful harvest and fresh, tasty meals when you start with this combination for success!

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