7 Tips for Getting Kids in the Garden

Most kids would love gardening, if given the chance. Here are 7 ingenious tips for getting kids in the garden.

Kids in the Garden: Kids Eating Tomatoes

Getting kids excited about chores can be a challenge, but gardening doesn't have to be a chore. We gathered stories from our Bonnie gardening friends on Facebook on how they encourage their own kids to enjoy both gardening and the delicious, healthy food it provides. Read on for 7 ingenious ways to get kids in the garden!

"Last year, my children helped me find and paint rocks to look like strawberries. We placed the rocks throughout our strawberry garden to confuse any animals that may eat our strawberries. They really enjoyed this craft and were so proud of their artwork and of helping to care for our garden." –Kelly

"I encourage my two girls, ages 7 and 9, to grow their own vegetables by letting them pick what kinds of veggies they like to grow and eat. I give each of them their own 4- x 4-foot plot in our garden. They are in charge of their own garden, and with these two it's always a competition. Last year, we had so many tomatoes and peppers that my little one decided to sell them door-to-door to our neighbors. Aside from eating homegrown veggies, they now look forward to make a few bucks out of their hard work." –Gigu

"We talk about how we are going to use the vegetables. We also look at the prices in the grocery store and compare buying versus growing and talk about the freshness of growing your own food." –Kathleen

"I plant peas and we sit in the garden eating ‘garden candy'. My grandma did this with me. I did it with my kids, my grandkids, and now my great-grandkids." –Joanne

"My children plant green bean teepees, make salads from their own gardens, and take photos, which we post to grandparents! We also cook their veggies into mac ‘n cheese and other kid-friendly meals!" –Glenda

"I involve them as the season moves on by letting them create dishes or suggest things to cook from our garden. I also like to give my neighbors vegetables that I grow and have my kids help me deliver them so they can see the excitement in sharing our blessings." –Erica

"I tell them how worm poop figures into gardening! I talk about dead plants, compost, worm castings, and nutrients. My daughter thinks that's cool." –Tracy

Article written by Amanda Davis.