Community Gardening

The Junior Master Gardener Program: How Gardening Can Help Your Child Grow

Here’s a surefire way to teach your child how to do better in school, become more involved in the community, develop initiative, and help people in need: Enroll him or her in your local Junior Master Gardener program. Here’s everything you need to know.

Keeping Community Gardeners Engaged

Once community gardeners begin enjoying the fruits of their labors, they’ll be hooked. Here are some ideas for encouraging interaction.

How to Start a Community Garden

If gardening with friends and neighbors sounds like fun, you are a candidate for community gardening. All across the land neighborhoods and communities are digging in. Not since the Victory Gardens of WWII have community gardens been so popular.

How to Organize a Community Garden

Running the garden day-to-day requires that someone be in charge of the garden, volunteers, and activities. Forming a garden club helps fulfill duties that get the garden off the ground: establishing rules, reviewing applications, and assigning individual plots….