Fresh and Handy 4 x 4-foot Herb Garden

Plant this herb bed for year-round flavor.

The Fresh & Handy Herb bed is lush and full of flavor. Thai basil contributes lovely purple blooms in the back.

Keep culinary herbs close by with the fresh and handy herb garden planting plan for a 4 x 4 bed.

Fresh herbs elevate every home-cooked meal. Keep a collection of your favorite herbs handy in a 4 x 4 bed. Plant this herb garden plan in spring and enjoy through summer and fall. You’ll be surprised with how much you’ll harvest from a small, but well-tended space. Designed for easy maintenance, a 4 x 4-foot bed lets you reach the center from any side.

This planting plan should give you plenty of herbs for salads, cooking, and beverages. If you want to expand your garden, place two 4 x 4 beds symmetrically on either side of a 3 to 4-foot path, wide enough for you and your tools. Try the Easy Summer Garden or the Fresh and Early Salad Garden for the second bed.

Planting the 4 x 4 Bed

Take inspiration from these planting options. The plan allows for some interpretation depending on your taste. These plants are pictured small to make the illustration simpler, but your bed will be spilling over as the plants grow! Following spacing on the plant labels, adding a few more plants than we have pictured if the spacing allows.

Choose from your favorite herbs for the fresh and handy herb garden bed.

Area 1 – Upright Herbs

Plant the following three rows

  • 1 rosemary and 3 chives
  • 4 parsley (Italian or curled)
  • 2 Sweet basil

Area 2 – Creeping Herbs

  • 2 Sweet mint (in sunken pots)
  • 1 oregano (Greek or variegated)
  • 1 thyme (German, Lemon, or Lemon variegated)



I am about to attempt to build a herb garden inside the house and would like fresh herbs during the winter. What types of herbs do you recommend for indoors herbs.
Thank you.


Would it work to plant a little garden like this one, but with mostly mint plants? Or are there some herbs that cannot be planted in this type of bed?

Kelly Smith

Hi Katie,

Sure, you could plant mostly mint in your garden! We have several varieties of mint, so it could be fun to mix it up with flavors like orange mint, apple mint, chocolate mint, and peppermint. I do suggest you plant these mints in individual pots and then plant these pots in the ground, though. Learn more about this mint planting method that helps keep mint from taking over the garden. Happy growing!

Kelly, Bonnie Plants


it says to soak basil before planting, how long must it soak for and in how much water to cover applied wrapping or just the base

Kelly Smith

Hi Melissa,

Watch our video on how to plant our biodegradable pots for more info. You should remove the wrapping before planting. Water the pot until it turns dark brown. Then loosen the pot, especially around the roots, and plant. I hope this helps!

Kelly, Bonnie Plants


I want to create this herb garden, but wanted to know if it would be okay with a few changes and still be able to grow properly. In place of the mint is it ok if I have sage and cilantro? And would there be room for my basil to grow if I did 4 basil and only 2 parsley?

Kelly Smith

Hi Heather,

Yes, feel free to adapt our plans to grow what you like! Yes, you should have room for 4 basil and 2 parsley. You can try both cilantro and sage, but don’t be surprised when they flower in the heat of summer. Cilantro prefers cool weather, and sage, a perennial herb, may flower in summer, too.

Happy growing! Be sure to post pictures of your garden on our Bonnie Facebook page.

Kelly, Bonnie Plants

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