Carolina Reaper Pepper 2PK | 5" pot

Carolina Reaper Pepper

2PK | 5" pot

Demand for the Carolina Reaper plant has been as smokin’ hot as the pepper itself! But hold onto your tastebuds: While this variety is currently out of stock, you can keep the spark alive by clicking on “Notify Me” to get a heads-up as soon as we start shipping again.

Do you dare to grow the world’s hottest pepper? Get your milk-chaser ready, because Carolina Reaper packs a punch! With an off-the-chart Scoville rating of 1,569,300, these devilish red fruits aren’t for wimps. Easy to grow, the infamous pepper possesses a fruity and sweet aroma, with an undertone of chocolate and cherry flavors. It may be hot, but it’s packed with flavor, too. A little goes a long way—use part of a pod to flavor an entire pot of chili, or dehydrate and grind the peppers to make ultra-hot pepper powder. Just be sure to wear gloves when handling and add a mask when processing.

Light                           Full sun

Fruit size                    2 to 3 inches long

Matures                     70 to 75 days

Spacing                     24 to 36 inches apart

Plant size                  4 to 5 feet tall

Scoville rating           1,569,300

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