Bonnie Plants Believes in Community

At Bonnie Plants, we believe that it’s just not enough just to tell kids where their food comes from. We think that all children should also have the opportunity to get out in the fresh air, get their hands dirty, and feel first-hand what it’s like to grow their own veggies and herbs. Not only will doing so help them build a strong foundation for a healthier life, but it also teaches them a skill that they will get to enjoy for many years to come.

Here are two big ways that Bonnie Plants is helping kids grow (literally!):

Bonnie 3rd Grade Cabbage Program

Our Story

In 1996 Bonnie Plants initiated the 3rd Grade Cabbage Program in and around headquarters in Union Springs, Alabama, with a mission to inspire a love of vegetable gardening in young people, teach kids where their food comes from, and grow our next generation of gardeners. By 2020 the program grew to become a national endeavor, including the 48 contiguous states.



How It Works

  1. Each student will receive a cabbage to grow at their school garden or at home.
  2. Students take care of and love their cabbages’ until they grow to maturity.
  3. Teachers choose one student as the “best in class” winner and that student is entered into a drawing with a chance to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

American Heart Association Teaching Gardens

AHA Teaching Gardens
AHA Teaching Gardens

It’s been so exciting to see the number of school gardens nationwide continue to grow! But not every school has the funding, materials, and information needed to start a garden, and that’s where the American Heart Association (AHA) comes in.

The AHA provides schools with the tools they need to build Teaching Gardens from the ground up, including lesson plans, raised beds, soil, plants, guidance, and more. Bonnie Plants is proud to partner with the AHA on this unique and worthwhile program by providing the thousands of plants needed to serve AHA’s Teaching Gardens nationwide. *

If you represent a school that wishes to establish an AHA Teaching Garden, please contact [email protected]

Are you an AHA Community Teaching Gardens Coordinator? Please click here to request plants.

*In order to receive plant donations for your school, you must be an official recipient of the American Heart Association Teaching Gardens program.