Herb Gardening

When it comes to versatility, herbs are hard to beat. They provide wonderful fragrance, add delicious flavor to your favorite dishes, look beautiful in your yard (hello, edible landscaping!), attract pollinators, can be dried for use throughout the year – the list goes on and on. Plus, they’re easy to grow and care for. So what are you waiting for? Check out Bonnie’s wide selection of herbs to find just the right ones for your garden.

Close up of yellow and red tomatoes

Summer Herb Harvest Tips

When harvest time comes, don’t be timid! Here’s some advice for clipping with confidence.

Several tomatoe varieties in a bowl.

Planting Herbs in Fall

Have mild winters where you live? Meet some delicious herbs that will thrive in cooler weather.

Herbs growing in an elevated planter.

How to Start an Herb Garden

Looking to start your own herb garden? Follow the steps below to get growing.

Mint growing in a stone container

Herbs in Containers

Don’t have much space? Many herbs grow beautifully in containers. Here’s everything you need to know.

Bonnie tomato deep in a pot.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Even if you live in an apartment or condo without outdoor space, you can grow herbs indoors. Here’s how.

Tomatoes planted in the ground with different cages around them.

Edging You Can Eat

Parsley doesn’t just jazz up a plate, but can also serve as a wonderful source of edible landscaping.

Tomato seedling with a milk jug covering.

The Trick to Growing Cilantro

Learn the best way to grow and nurture this aromatic herb for the longest, most delicious harvest.

Close up of a deformed looking tomato.

Well-Mannered Mint

Though a it’s a must-have in the kitchen, mint can be a bit aggressive in the garden. Here’s what to do.

Tomato with Blossom End Rot.

Keep the Cat to a Nip

Try this ingenious trick if your cat gets a little too enthusiastic when she visits the catnip patch.

Must See Videos

DIY Projects

Grilled Tomato Salsa

How to Make Rosemary and Lavender Bath Salts

Chastity Curtis of Freedom Soap Company shares her secrets for how to use garden-fresh herbs to make homemade bath salts.

Roma Tomato Snacks

Create a Mother’s Day Herb Garden

Show Mom you appreciate her with this growing gift of an easy-to-make container herb garden based on what she loves to cook.

Tomato Basil Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Grow Herbs in a Strawberry Jar

A strawberry jar is a terrific place to way to grow a variety of fresh herbs you can keep at your fingertips. Here’s how to plant one.

4 x 4 Planting Plans

4x4 Herb Garden with Mint

4 x 4 Fresh Herb Garden

Watch mint, rosemary, chives, oregano, basil, parsley, and thyme all thrive in one convenient space.

Herbal Tea Garden

Tea Garden

What could be more relaxing than a mug of tea brewed from herbs taken from your very own garden?

Summer Garden

Easy 4 x 4 Summer Garden

This one small area can yield a surprisingly bountiful harvest of delicious herbs and summer veggies.

Tomato Pesto Pizza

Fresh Tomato and Pesto Garden

With fresh tomatoes and basil on hand, you can create amazingly simple and satisfying summer meals.

Kids Garden Planting Plan

Easy and Tasty Kids’ Garden

This yummy mix of herbs, veggies, and flowers will entice kids to work – and play! – in the garden.

Gourmets’ Mediterranean Garden

The many fresh, robust flavors of healthy Mediterranean meals come together in this ingenious plan.

4 x 4 Pizza Garden

Fast and Fresh Pizza Garden

Instead of dialing for delivery, make your own pizza using fresh ingredients from this compact plan.

Tabbouleh Garden

Tabbouleh Garden

This simple plan lets you harvest ingredients for this refreshing Middle Eastern salad staple from your own yard.

4 x 4 Salsa Garden

Salsa Garden

Make your own salsa using fresh ingredients from this Latin-inspired planting plan. Sweet and spicy!

Tasty Recipes

Grilled Tomato Salsa


Fragrant and flavorful, basil is used in many classic Italian and Asian dishes.

Roma Tomato Snacks


These recipes perfectly showcase cilantro’s instantly recognizable flavor.

Tomato Basil Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette


Think of dill as the classic culinary partner for cucumbers, potatoes, and fish.

Hot Tomato Relish


The ultimate cool and refreshing herb, mint complements many dishes and drinks.

Parsley Tabbouleh Salad


Whether you cook classic Italian or spicy Latin, this herb is a must-have.

Parsley Tabbouleh Salad


Parsley’s deep, distinct taste is a fresh addition to many recipes.

Fried Tomatoes with Parmesan


Fragrant and flavorful, rosemary works as well in desserts as in main dishes.

Tomato Basil Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette


Deliciously bold sage is especially good when sautéed before added to a recipe.

Hot Tomato Relish


Savory, aromatic thyme enhances everything from veggies to meats.