First and Last Frost Dates

To make it easier to plan your garden, the regions on this map will help you estimate the first date of frost in the fall and the last date of frost in the spring for your region.

Fall Freeze Map
Median Date of First Frost in the Fall
– Median –
A – Aug 1 – Aug 31
B – Sep 1 – Sep 30
C – Oct 1 – Oct 15
D – Oct 16 – Oct 31
E – Nov 1 – Nov 15
F – Nov 16 – Nov 30
G – Dec 1 – Dec 31
H – Rare Freeze
I – No Freeze
Spring Freeze Map
Median Date of Last Frost in the Spring
– Median –
A – Rare or No Freeze
B – Jan 1 – Feb 28
C – Mar 1 – Mar 31
D – Apr 1 – Apr 15
E – Apr 16 – Apr 30
F – May 1 – May 15
G – May 16 – May 31
H – Jun 1 – Jun 30
I – Jul 1 – Jul 31



I live in the blue zone (NW Oregon) but occasionally have frost as late as Memorial day.


i live in ocean springs/vancleave area of mississippi and was wondring about my zone and frost date. on your charts it looks like it could be either zone 8 or 9 and frost date looks like light orange or bright orange. would either be ok at guessing or is there a rule of thumb to go by????? thank you for taking the time to help. coleen

Danielle Carroll

Hi coleen,
A lot of town are on the line. I live on the cusp of two zones, myself. If you want to use your zip code, try the USDA Hardiness Zone map.
Happy Gardening,

James Robinson

enjoy the webb site. is there a limit on how many plants a person can order say a minumiun sp, no. of plants

Mary Beth

Thanks James. Our plants are available at these retailers nationwide. Put in your ZIP code to see which stores are near you. We don’t currently offer online and we would love that you buy as many plants for your garden as would make you happy! 🙂 Happy growing. Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

Mary Beth

That’s exciting! Let us know how it grows. Be sure to check out our tomato page for lots of tips, photos and information. In our Gardening section here, there is a full library of articles dedicated to nothing else. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

charles gould been gardening since i was a kid using mostly Bonnie plants ,,,pryor to that it was from seeds from the locale hardware store….and from the lancaster seed co .which was in most comic books back then!!

Mary Beth

Hi Charles,
That’s so fun to hear. Glad you are part of our gardening family. Make sure you keep up with us and the rest of these great Bonnie gardeners on our Facebook page and by signing up for our newsletter. We’d love to see pictures of your garden! ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

diana barry

I planted bonnie bell vegetables last year&they grew beautifully. I had planted peppers red/yellow&orange according to directions but they all came up green! I was very dissappointed to say the least. They were delicious but they were green. I’m certain the tags were wrong but I don’t want the same thing to happen this year. What do I do or what can you to prevent the same situation?

Mary Beth

Hi Diana,
If you feel as though your plants were mislabeled, please contact Customer Service. We want to ensure you are happy and successful in your garden. On some varieties, though, it takes (what seems like) forever for the fruits to turn from green to yellow or gold and red. I can understand the frustration if you never got the vegetable you intended. Please let us know. ~Mary Beth, Bonnei Plants


thankyou for updating our frost dates, you are my reality, i tell custumers this every day, and they look at me like i am an idiot.

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