Give Gifts that Keep on Giving (and Growing)

Ready to wrap up your holiday shopping? We’ve got gifts for everyone on your list.

Give Gifts that Keep on Giving (and Growing)

Bonnie Plants Ultimate Gift Guide!

Yes, plants are the perfect gift. They symbolize simplicity and growth. They connect us to nature and all its beauty. And, as an added bonus, no one’s going to complain about getting a duplicate. But if you’re aiming for “Best Gift Giver” status, be sure to pick a plant that fits every plant personality in your life and what they love.

The Plant Rookie

Maybe they’ve just started bringing plants home with them, or mentioned starting their own garden. Or maybe you can just tell that they’ve got a hidden green thumb. If you sense the potential for a little green in their life, this is your gift-giving moment!

Herbs are ideal starter plants, and not just because they’re low-maintenance and easy to grow. Give rosemary, sweet basil, or German thyme—or all three for a cute little herb garden. This is a gift that looks great in the home or outside when temperature permits, smells fantastic, and can be used year-round to make meals taste better. Be sure to get them off on the right foot by including Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetables & Herbs for bigger, better results, compared to unfed plants.

The Beverage Buff

Cocktails. Mocktails. Refreshers. Smoothies. If your giftee likes to express themself with a hand-crafted libation, fresh herbs are an ideal gift to stimulate their creativity. Help them amp up their favorites and inspire them to explore new combinations.

Sweet mint is a natural for iced tea, gimlets, juleps, and mules, and it’s great for smoothies, shakes, and even frozen into ice. Purple basil will level-up lemonade and make a mean (and beautiful) mojito. Rosemary doesn’t just look great in a glass, it provides a piney, minty, citrusy flavor to a gin fizz, Tom Collins, or Christmas punch. And fresh cilantro is a game-changer for margaritas and martinis.

The Garden Guru

You can smell the earthy-sweet scent of a thriving garden on some people. These folks mean business in the backyard, and they probably have a shed full of tools to prove it. But you don’t need to know the difference between a shovel and a spade to pick the perfect present.

Give them veggies for their garden and they’ll think you were listening each time they went on about soil quality or projected rainfall. Wrap up green romaine lettuce, lieutenant broccoli, or Swiss chard, and you’ll give them a delicious gift that will remind them of you all season, whether they’re tinkering in the soil or enjoying their harvest for dinner. Throw in a bottle of Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘n Feed and they’ll know you really care.

The Menu Planner

From fledgling cooks to serious chefs, a collection of fresh herbs makes time in the kitchen more fun—and time at the table more delicious. Plus, herbs are a gift they can enjoy all year—long after the decorations are tucked away—in limitless uses.

Super-low-maintenance, herbs are a joy to have in pots near the kitchen or, temperature-permitting, outside. Try any combination of rosemary, cilantro, dill, chives, lemon thyme, or Italian oregano, and you’ll give them easy, delicious ways to spice up their nachos, elevate their roasts, invigorate their veggies, or just beautify their plates.

The Pet Parent

You don’t have to be a cat person or a dog person to give great gifts to the pet parents in your life. And with a pet-friendly live plant, you’ll know you’re giving them something they—and their four-legged friends—can enjoy day after day after day, and long after the expensive pet toys are destroyed or abandoned.

Easy-to-grow catnip is a great option for feline-focused households. First of all, it’s a pretty plant—and a member of the mint family—so it looks and smells lovely. And it’s safe—and alluring—for cats to sniff, rub, or eat. Wrap up a pet grass plant for dog (or cat) families. It’s easy to grow, too, and is great for pets to chew on, adding some of the necessary grass to their diets—especially if they don’t spend a lot of time outside.

Gift giving isn’t a competition, but when you pick the right plants for the right people, you’ll feel like a winner. And with Bonnie Plants, you can give a gift that will never go out of style.