An Edging You Can Eat

When designing your garden, consider using parsley around the edges. Parsely plants last two years, so you should plant yearly for a steady harvest.

Use parsley to edge beds in your garden and landscape.

The pretty foliage of parsley does double duty as a source of leaves for the kitchen and a pretty edging for a flower bed or vegetable garden. Plants set out now will thrive all summer, fall, and even through winter in milder climates. Plant curly-leafed parsley for garnishes and flat-leafed parsley for easier chopping. Besides its flavor, parsley is also recommended for its high levels of the antioxidant Glutathione, which has been associated with cancer prevention.

In climates where it is cold hardy, parsley is biennial, meaning it lives two years. The first year it grows lots of leaves. The second year, it will bloom. If your parsley from last year looks great at the moment, be aware that when it blooms and goes to seed later this spring, it will turn bitter. Replace it now, or plant more elsewhere to keep a steady harvest of fresh, sweet leaves.

Use parsley to edge beds in your garden and landscape.
Parsley makes a great edging for gardens and even flower beds.