What Can I Grow in a Pot?

Almost any vegetable or herb will grow in a pot, but it helps to put the right variety of vegetables in the right size pot. Learn how with Bonnie Plants.

A woman waters container plants set in a yard, including eggplant.

When you need a tomato or a pinch of fresh basil, nothing is more convenient than stepping out the kitchen door to your container garden of vegetables and herbs. Containers will go anywhere as long as there is a source of water and plenty of sunshine. You can grow almost all vegetables in containers—just remember that big veggies need big pots. And if you really want to see terrific results, start with vigorous Bonnie Plants® herbs and vegetables instead of starting from seed, or begin with our Patio Ready plants. All you need for these pre-planted containers is a sunny spot and regular TLC.

Suggested Varieties

The Pros of Containers

  • Easy to put anywhere
  • Save space
  • Neat and decorative
  • Can be convenient to the kitchen
  • Provide perfect soil when you use a premium potting mix like Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix
  • Use less water overall
  • Avoid soil-borne problems such as nematodes
  • Can move some herbs indoors for winter
  • Easy to replant
  • Great for anyone who has limited reach

The Cons of Containers

  • May need water more often than in-ground or raised beds
  • Too-small pots can limit plant growth and size