What’s Special About a Bonnie Plant?

Woman planting Bonnie transplant in raised bed

As temperatures slowly rise and days begin to lengthen, chances are you're more than ready to get your hands in the soil and start planting your garden. But when you head out to buy your veggies and herbs, you'll probably be faced with a lot of options. So how do you know which plants to choose?

Here's our advice: Look for Bonnie Plants.

What makes Bonnie Plants better than the rest? We've got 5 compelling reasons for you to consider.

1. We've got over a century of growing experience.

Having grown plants specifically for home gardeners for over 100 years, Bonnie Plants understands the challenges you face. We produce strong, vigorous plants to give your garden a great start, then provide expert advice (on our website) on the best ways to plant, when to water and fertilize, how and when to harvest your crops, and more. We're with you every step of the way through your growing journey. (Find out more about the history of Bonnie Plants right here.)

Growing Stations

2. Our plants are locally grown.

Do you support the "buy local" movement? Then you'll be happy to know that we have over 70 greenhouses across the country, so Bonnie Plants don't have to travel far at all to get to you. Bonus: Fewer transportation miles also mean less stress on the plants. To find your nearest Bonnie Plants retailer, check out our Retailer Locator.

Grow Big. Spend Little.

3. We sell the best varieties for home growers.

Each year, we test dozens of new vegetable and herb varieties to determine which do best in home gardens—and are worthy of becoming Bonnie Plants. We recognize that every garden is different, too, so we don't stick with just the basics. From heat-tolerant tomatoes to veggies that produce prolifically in short, cool seasons, we're committed to providing you with plants that match your growing needs.

Basil Trio

4. You can choose from nearly 300 varieties.

From artichokes to zucchini, we offer loads of veggie and herb selections (including organic varieties), so you can plan a garden that perfectly matches what you and your family love to eat. Want peppers? Bonnie Plants offers varieties ranging from super-sweet to loads of heat. Tomato lover? We've got over 70 tomato varieties—including tiny cherries and jumbo beefsteaks (plus tons of options in between), heirlooms and hybrids, tall vines and petite bushes—so you'll find the perfect tomato for your salad, sandwich, or skewer. And let's not forget the cabbages, onions, lettuce, rosemary, basil ... the list goes on and on!

But we don't stop there. We've also hand-selected varieties both for home chefs and for folks who don't have a lot of room to grow. If the main reason you grow your own food is to show off your culinary prowess, the Foodie Fresh series (exclusive to Lowe's) is for you, with exquisitely tasty varieties like Butter Baby Butternut Squash and Candyland Cherry Tomato. Short on garden space? Then you'll definitely want to check out our Harvest Select line (found only at The Home Depot), featuring compact varieties like Fresh Bites Orange Pepper and Prizm Kale that defy their size to deliver a big harvest!

5. We make the whole growing process easier.

Starting from seed requires extra time, space, and know-how to grow plants that will produce a good harvest, particularly in cool regions with short growing seasons. Bonnie Plants are already well on their way to maturity and ready to go into your garden as soon as you get them home, so you get a jump-start on growing. But don't stop there. To get even more from your garden, create an ideal environment for plant roots by growing your Bonnie Plants in Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix (for container gardens) or Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Vegetables and Herbs (for in-ground gardens). Then, make sure your garden gets just the right balance of nutrients by feeding it with Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Plant Food for Vegetables and Herbs.Sure, you could buy any old plant from the garden center. But why not make the whole growing process easier and pave the way to harvest success by looking for the Bonnie Plants label?