Raised Beds

How to Make a Lasagna Garden

Have you ever started digging a new garden bed, excited about the vegetables and herbs you’ll grow, only to hit rocks and roots with your shovel? Or maybe you planned to build a raised bed garden but never got around to buying the wood. Or perhaps you’ve been gardening in containers and you’re itching for a little more space. Whatever your situation, the answer may just be a lasagna garden.

3 Easy Ways to Build a Raised Bed Garden

Perhaps you’re a new gardener, growing veggies and herbs for the first time. Maybe you’ve grown your own food for years, but your in-ground soil isn’t great, or you just need a bit more growing space. Whatever the reason, here’s one option worth considering: a raised garden bed. Here are three simple ways to build one.

Choosing a Garden Bed Shape

In addition to figuring out just where in your yard your garden should go, you’ll want to consider the shapes of the planting beds. You can either prep the soil and plant directly in the ground, or construct a raised bed from wood, stone, metal, brick, or even straw bales.

How to Build a Raised Bed Cold Frame

Protect your plants from frost with a simple raised bed cold frame that sits right on top of your existing 4′ x 4′ bed. The lid is held open with screen door closers, and the entire frame can be moved easily when the weather warms up.

How to Build a Raised Bed with Benches

This half-day project makes gardening easier and more comfortable. It’s higher than most raised beds, so you don’t have to bend over quite as much, plus it has a bench on each side so you can sit while you plant, weed, and harvest. This is an ideal garden set-up for older gardeners, folks with back… Read more »

Keith Poche’s Raised Bed Planter

When the fish aren’t biting, why not bite into a homegrown tomato instead? That’s Elite Series pro fisherman Keith Poche’s philosophy. When he’s not traveling across the country for fishing tournaments, Keith enjoys spending time outdoors in the garden. Keith first learned to garden from his parents in Louisiana, but at his new home in… Read more »

How to Make a Raised Bed from Bales of Straw

You can create a quick, easy raised bed using bales of straw. The idea is simple: You form a bed frame with the bales, then fill the space inside with premium quality soil made specially for raised beds, such as Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil. A raised bed made of straw bales is a convenient, inexpensive… Read more »

How to Build a Super Easy Raised Bed

Make this 4- by 8-foot easy raised bed from 3 8-foot boards that you can have cut to size at the store. One 8-foot board needs to be cut into 2 4-foot sections. (To reduce the size to a 4- by 4-foot raised bed garden, simply have 2 8-foot boards cut into 2 4-foot sections.) To build… Read more »

Raised Bed Gardening Tips

What is a raised bed garden? It’s an enclosed planting area on top of the ground that offers one huge benefit: You never have to deal with poor soil, because you control what goes in the bed. What’s more, because raised beds don’t require planting in rows, you’ll actually be able to fit more plants in than you would in a traditional garden of the same size — so you’ll eventually end up with a bigger harvest.

How We Built Our Big 8 x 24 Raised Bed

Our 8- by 24-foot raised display bed is built to last. We built it in front of our home office in Union Springs where we can watch Bonnie plants grow day in and day out. However, when we’re crazy-busy in spring, the garden will almost have to take care of itself, so we mulched the… Read more »

How to Build a Raised Bed

This easy 4- x 8-foot raised bed for vegetables and herbs has just enough style to fit most anywhere in a garden design, even by your patio. Using 2×6 lumber, you can make it as shallow or deep as you wish—1, 2, or 3 boards high. Ours is 3 boards high (not quite 18 inches)…. Read more »