Welcome, New Gardeners!

So you've decided to start your first garden -- terrific! Here's everything you need to know to help you grow.


Some of the most important steps toward creating a successful garden are taken before a single plant goes in the ground. Here's what to consider.


A healthy garden needs both compost and fertilizer – think of compost as food for the soil and fertilizer as food for the plants. Learn about both right here.


Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help in keeping your garden’s thirst at bay. Here’s how to achieve hydration perfection.


The when and how of picking your produce, plus what to do once you get it in the kitchen.

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First time grower information

Welcome to the Garden!

First-time grower? Here are a few things you need to know.
Frost dates map

Find Your Frost Dates

When is it safe to plant in the spring and how long do you have before the first fall frost?
Veggies & Herbs

Grow Delicious Veggies and Herbs

Discover everything you need to know to bring your plants from garden to table.
Lucinda Mays

Advice for First-Time Gardeners

Soak up these words of wisdom from growing expert Lucinda Mays, former host of PBS’s Victory Garden South.
Girl holding letter blocks.

Garden Glossary

Wondering what an amendment is or what it means if your tomatoes are determinate? Get up to speed on garden lingo.
Planting vegetables & herbs

Ready to plant?

Whether you're into pizza, pesto, or pickling, we've got a 4x4 plan you'll love.
Gardening couple standing in their garden

Confessions of a First-Time Gardener

I love looking at plants, reading about plants, and thinking about plants, but when it comes to actually getting my hands in the dirt, I am a complete wimp.