How to Store Veggies Without a Root Cellar

While your grandmother’s house may have had a root cellar to keep her produce fresh for months, most homes today do not. But you can find similar cool conditions in places around the house where produce will be slow to spoil, lingering in a state of very, very slow ripening.

How to Store Winter Squash

Many gardeners raise winter squash because they store well. In fact, the term “winter squash” refers to the time when these vegetables are stored, not when they’re grown or harvested. They are planted in late spring and grown through summer just like summer squash, but winter squash require more days to maturity and are harvested… Read more »

Summer Herb Harvesting Tips

In summer, herb gardeners get a delicious payoff for all of their efforts. Oddly enough, this is when some gardeners become timid, unsure what to do next because the plants are so full and beautiful, it seems a shame to trim them. Never fear! Here is some advice for clipping with confidence. Before starting, make… Read more »

Harvest Guide for Cool Weather Vegetables

Harvest your cool weather vegetables at the peak of perfection using these guidelines. Broccoli When you see a head beginning to form in the center of the plant, check its growth every day. Ideally, you harvest broccoli while the tiny buds are tightly closed. If the buds begin to swell or show yellow (the flower… Read more »

Harvest Guide to Summer Veggies

Use this harvest guide to recognize when your beans, tomatoes, squash, and other summer vegetables are at the peak of flavor. Beans You may pick snap beans when they are very young and serve them as baby snap beans, or you can wait until they reach full size for a more bountiful harvest. Use two… Read more »