Planting Plans - Containers

Herb Garden in Containers

This herb garden is filled with lush, flavorful herbs, and can be placed right outside the kitchen door for easy access. Clip daily to add flavor and depth to soups, salads, fish and meats, beverages — the list goes on! All you need are four containers (sizes indicate pot diameters): one 24”, two 18”, and… Read more »

Salad Garden in Containers

Even if put in partial shade, this garden will provide many bowls of lettuce, greens, and herbs for fresh salads. These veggies and herbs love cool weather, so plant them in the spring or fall and begin harvesting just two or three weeks later. (Just be sure to leave a few of the smallest, newest… Read more »

Pizza Garden in Containers

Pizza is already at the top of most folks’ favorite foods lists, so just imagine how much more delicious each slice would be if it were made with ingredients harvested fresh from your garden — think Roma tomatoes (the very best for making sauce), peppers, and herbs. All you need are four containers (sizes indicate… Read more »

Tea Garden in Containers

Relax with a mug of hot tea brewed from freshly picked herbs grown in your very own container garden. Place it near your kitchen door and you can literally harvest tea ingredients while the water boils. (How’s that for fresh?!) All you need are four containers (sizes indicate pot diameters): one 24”, two 18”, and… Read more »

Salsa Garden in Containers

Forget jarred salsas. It doesn’t take much room to grow your own fresh ingredients for spicy sweet homemade salsa. All you need are four containers (sizes indicate pot diameters): one 24”, two 18”, and one 14”. Just follow the planting plan below, making sure to provide support at planting for the tomato and pepper plants…. Read more »

Collards & Lavender Container Garden

Think of the Collards & Lavender Container Garden as a delightful centerpiece for your deck or patio. A tall group of collards looks striking surrounded by the beautiful purples and pinks of lavender and violas. Collards are such a versatile veggie — anything you can do with a cool-weather green (think soups, salads, sautés, stews,… Read more »

Parsley & Tomato Container Garden

From salads and sauces to tabbouleh, tomatoes and parsley are two things every kitchen needs lots of — and this Parsley & Tomato Container Garden has them. You don’t need a lot of space, either. Simply follow this design and you’ll have both at your fingertips this growing season. We’ve tossed in some marigolds, too,… Read more »

Chard, Radicchio & Parsley Container Garden

A riot of edible color, this cool-weather Chard, Radicchio & Parsley Container Garden design features three versatile veggies and herbs alongside cheery petunias. Rainbow-hued chard and rosy radicchio look (and taste) great in salads, soups, and sautés (radicchio’s also superb on the grill), while you may want to whip up some pesto with the parsley… Read more »

Herbs, Color & Collards Container Garden

Collards, a Southern favorite that is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the country, take center stage in this vibrant cool-weather Herbs, Color & Collards Container Garden design. Mint and parsley add more texture and shades of green, and the marigolds deliver sunny color along the border. Be sure to plant the sweet mint… Read more »

Kale, Flowers & Herbs Container Garden

This Kale, Flowers & Herbs Container Garden is so pretty you may not want to disturb it by harvesting—but you should! Use the kale, oregano, and sage together in a savory soup or stew, or save the oregano for your tomato sauce, the sage for some killer stuffing, and the kale for everything from chips… Read more »

Greens & Radicchio Container Garden

This visually arresting Greens & Radicchio Container Garden offers a delightful range of colors, textures, and shapes. Crinkly dark green kale, brightly colored chard, and richly hued radicchio can be eaten together in a salad, or separately in a variety of delicious dishes. The petunias add another shot of vibrant color to the mix. We’ve… Read more »

Kale, Color & Chard Container Garden

A luscious bouquet of a spring (or fall) planting, the Kale, Color & Chard Container Garden combines bright pansies, rainbow-hued Swiss chard, and ruffled green kale in a lively mix. Use tender young chard and kale to add interest, flavor, and vitamins to salads, sautés, soups, or stews. We’ve spaced these plants a little closer… Read more »

Artichoke & Mint Container Garden

Lush and green, this Artichoke & Mint Container Garden design features a center-of-attention artichoke surrounded by your favorite kind of mint (think sweet mint, spearmint, peppermint, even chocolate mint). Imagine how many appetizers and beverages you can fashion around those plants! You only need two mint plants—mint grows and spreads fast, so it’ll fill the… Read more »

Flowers, Kale & Thyme Container Garden

An eye-catching mix of bold greens and sunny color, the Flowers, Kale & Thyme Container Garden features crinkly Lacinato kale surrounded by bright marigolds and thyme, which will drape attractively over the edges of the container as it grows. Try sautéing the kale and thyme in olive oil with a bit of garlic and a… Read more »

Herbs & Artichoke Container Garden

The lush, beautiful combination of plants in this Herbs & Artichoke Garden is sure to draw the eye (and lots of compliments) when placed on a deck or patio. The many shades of green complement the brightness of the violas. Try combining the artichoke and herbs with some chicken broth, garlic, a bit of cream,… Read more »

Parsley & Kale Container Garden

The vibrant collection of plants in our Parsley & Kale Container Garden combines the delicious versatility of kale (think soups, stews, chips, salads) and curled parsley (the perfect garnish for a wide range of dishes) with the delicate beauty of violas. In this design, the plants are spaced more intensively than they would be in… Read more »