Soil & Soil Building

Prep Soil Now for Next Season

Before you lock up those garden tools for the winter, here’s a great idea for getting a jumpstart on your spring garden: Spend a bit of time improving the soil in your beds. Not only will it put you on the path to a healthy, productive garden…

The Importance of Healthy Roots

Did you know that what you see above ground in your plants is really determined by what’s hidden underground? What happens underground, where the plant roots live, drives plant growth. The bigger and healthier the root system, the bigger and healthier the plant.

You Must Use a Good Potting Mix

When you look at the root system of a Bonnie plant, you’ll find a “soil” mix that grows healthy roots. You may be surprised that it is not real soil from the earth. Instead, it’s a potting mix (also called potting soil)… .

Why Does pH Matter?

You may have heard of soil pH. You may have even heard some people say that they don’t worry about testing the soil; that it is usually okay. That’s often true. But if the soil pH is not okay, how will you know? You then risk potential problems. So, if you want to do things… Read more »

The Soil is Alive. Really!

In the soil beneath your feet, there’s an invisible world filled with life-and-death drama. Scientists call this world the soil food web. This web features a diversity of creatures, from microscopic bacteria, fungi, and algae, to mites and nematodes, to earthworms, ants, spiders, and plant roots.

How Many Pots Can You Fill with a Bag of Soil?

When gardening in containers, you’ll want to fill each pot with premium quality potting soil, such as Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix, to provide roots with the very best environment for growing. Look at the sizes of your containers to determine the size of the bag(s) you’ll need to buy. For example, a 20-quart bag fills two… Read more »

Good Soil Means Good Vegetables

Vegetables need good soil. If the soil is hard, rocky, soggy, or nutrient-poor, the vegetables will be, too. In rich, soft soil, roots grow deeply and soak up nutrients for healthy, productive plants. Here is how to prepare the spot where your veggies will grow. Clear the area. Remove grass, rocks, or other debris. To… Read more »

Begin When the Soil Tells You

You have been waiting all winter. You have reviewed your notes from last year. You have planned where each vegetable and herb will go this year. The birds have begun to chirp, the days have been getting warmer and the rain has been falling. Frost and freezing weather look as if they have finally gone… Read more »

Fertilizer and Healthy Soil

Currently, much work is being done to better understand how healthy soil supports the health of plants. In a nutshell, the soil is brimming with living organisms that help release nutrients, among other good things, from organic matter present in the soil. The idea for gardeners who want to work with the natural system is… Read more »