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Planting Plans

Pizza lover? King of the grill? Crazy about salad? Whatever your tastes and whatever your space, we’ve got a garden plan for you.

You would enjoy gardening in a raised bed if:

  • You have some unused space in your yard (in a sunny spot).
  • You haven’t had much luck with in-ground gardens due to poor soil.
  • You like the look of a defined garden space.
  • You want your garden to double as an attractive landscape element.
  • You’d like your garden to be a little higher off the ground than a traditional bed.

Our Favorite 4×4 Plans

4 x 4-foot Chiles Rellenos Garden

Give your next batch of chiles rellenos — a classic Mexican dish starring roasted, stuffed poblanos often served in tomato...

4 x 4-foot Cajun Garden

Whether you’re itching to fill your big kitchen pot with gumbo, jambalaya, or another classic Cajun entree, it’ll never taste...

4 x 4-foot Tabbouleh Garden

Tabbouleh (or tabouli) is a Middle Eastern staple, and for good reason. The colorful, refreshing combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley,...

4 x 4-foot Tea Garden

There are few things more relaxing than a steaming mug of hot tea—and even better when that tea is brewed...

A container garden would be a great choice for you if…

  • You rent your home or live in an apartment.
  • Your only sunny outdoor spot is on a deck, terrace, or driveway.
  • You’re new to gardening.
  • You only want to grow a few things.
  • Your ideal garden is even higher off the ground than a raised bed.

Our Favorite Container Plans

Herb Garden in Containers

This herb garden is filled with lush, flavorful herbs, and can be placed right outside the kitchen door for easy...

Salad Garden in Containers

Even if put in partial shade, this garden will provide many bowls of lettuce, greens, and herbs for fresh salads. These...

Pizza Garden in Containers

Pizza is already at the top of most folks’ favorite foods lists, so just imagine how much more delicious each...

Tea Garden in Containers

Relax with a mug of hot tea brewed from freshly picked herbs grown in your very own container garden. Place...

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